Is therapy right for me?

During the initial Intake appointment, we will determine if our services might be of help to you and your unique situation.  We will accomplish this through a careful gathering of information, an assessment of current and past challenges, along understanding prior efforts to resolve these challenges.  At the conclusion of this appointment, we will make a recommendation as to whether or not our services would be of benefit.

What is a therapy session like?

That’s a great question!  It depends on the issues being addressed, the age of the patient, treatment goals, and frequency of visits.  Some people only need a consultation or two simply to get a sense of clarity regarding a concern in their life.  Others need more long term and intensive work to resolve more complex life situations and issues.  Whatever brings you into our practice you can expect a high degree of professionalism and respect for your unique challenges and goals.

Do you take insurance?

Yes!  Nova Counseling accepts Anthem Healthkeepers, Anthem Healthkeepers Plus, Aetna, Cigna, Tricare Standard, Medicare, and Care First, along with many Blue Cross Blue Shield plans.  Please inquire about your particular health plan.

What if my child is seeing a therapist there? How will I be able to know how things are progressing if there's confidentiality?

Our therapists strive to find the balance between maintaining and respecting a sense of confidentiality when working with a minor, while keeping the parents closely involved over the course of treatment.  We collaborate with the parents during the initial Intake as to the best means of accomplishing this balance.

How does therapy "work"?

We find that when patients feel understood, listened to, supported, valued, and therapeutically challenged, perspectives tend to shift to more healthy and balanced views of one’s life, while deepening a sense of clarity.  In so doing, distressing symptoms of depression, anxiety and uncertainty, tend to diminish.  How this accomplished is highly individualized according to the patient’s unique needs.